The LT2000 all-position, all-steel-radial designed for high mileage and superior handling characteristics. Engineered for steer axles and all-position usage.

  • 14 ply all steel casing for maximum durability and tread life.
  • Belt package constructed to minimize tread distortion supporting long tread life in P&D applications while under extreme load conditions.
  • Enhanced siping to minimize irregular wear and longer original tread life.
Size Load Speed PL Rating TYPE TD OD SW Max Load @PSI AOT Item
7.50R16LT 122/121L 14 Tubeless 16 31.7 8.5 3305/3195@100 AMD9161
8.25R16LT 128/126L 14 Tube Type 16 33.7 8.8 3970/3750@98 AMD9168
9.5R17.5 143/141J 16 Tubeless 17 33.2 9.3 6005/5675@127 AMD9102